Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We present you a new, modern pet hotel „ZOOHOTEL“

Are you going on a vacation or a business trip? Or maybe leaving your home over the weekend? Leave us your fluffy friends and we will take care, pet, play, and love them altogether. While your pets stay with us, we will return them beautiful, clean and brushed back into your loving hands. Or maybe your pets are afraid or hate to stay alone at home? Then bring your pet to our day nursery and they will quickly find new friends and play mates on our playground.

Zoohotel offers its customers a daily program that includes beauty treatments using professional cosmetics – bathing, haircut, combing, outdoor walks, and a indoor playground! In the morning drop in your pet with us, and in the evening we’ll bring you a happy, clean and energized companion! At your request, your pet can be picked up and returned back to your home by our personal hotel transport.
Places at our ZOOHOTEL are being booked by phone or via internet.
ZOOHOTEL team, always waiting for you with respect and love!

Our reception room